Sunday, May 06, 2007

Drug Peddlers Hit A New Low

It hardly sems possible, but drug peddlers have just hit a new low according to several U.S. city police departments. In order to market their meth drugs to school children, some drug peddlers are now mixing candy with the drug in order to give it a candy-like flavor and to mask the bitterness of this horrible drug.

Hooking school children on their awful drug is an all-time low for drug peddlers. Meth causes damage to brain, irrational and criminal conduct, and cause teeth to rot out and the skin to become discolored and blotchy. Even after quiting the drug after stubbborn rehab efforts, many former merh users are left with mental illness or other psychiatric problems.

Anyone who seeks to profit by hooking school children truly represents the true face of evil.


At 8:50 PM, Blogger southcoast said...

Hi. nice blog.I've actually never tried drugs and don't plan on it. I've had an uncle that was addicted to marijuana and he lost part of his one leg in a car accident due to drugs. It's scary and I don't understand why someone would want to waste their life doing drugs.please advice them to take a drug treament program.


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