Thursday, May 03, 2007

Britney Spears Performs A Second $125, 12 Minute, Lip Sync Show

You'd think that sheer nerve of Britney Spears to charge $125 for a 12 minute lip sync show would be enough to turn off any fans, let alone all the other garbage she has already thrown at her fans. But no. Fans actually stood in line for two hours to watch a short program of a few greatest hits, in what has to be one of the biggest concert ripoffs of all time.

However, diehard fans of Ms. Spears did wildly applaud the short ripoff performance at the Anaheim House Of Blues. Despite enduring 2 hours of security including taking away cell phones that could record parts of the performance. Instead of the crowd leaving angry like should have been expected if almost anyone would pull the same nonsense, the crowd actually seemed fulfilled.

Some claim her performance was very good, while others claim she moved a little slower than the past when she did regular concerts about 3 years ago. And another report is that she has actually dared to enter a recording studio recently, reportedly for some new work on a new CD which has set around uncompleted for months now. The release date kept being moved up from last November, now to sometime later this year.


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