Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why Paris Hilton May Not Serve A Day In Jail

Paris Hilton and her family may be shocked at her 45 day jail sentence. But the the real truth is that this spoiled little rich girl may not even serve a single day of this sentence.

There is a terrible jail overcrowding situation in Los Angeles and many metro area California jails. It seems highly unlikely that some dangerous drug dealers or gang members will be set free to make room for the hotel heiress. Likely the weekend when she shows up to begin to serve her term in June, she will be turned away because of jail overcrowding. Each wekend she will show up, only once again to be turned away.

The other possibility is that her team lawyers, which her rich folks will front the bill for, will pull out all stops with the prosecutor and the judge to get her into some sort of community service. And just like model Naomi Campbell, this will only turn out to be another Paris Hilton media bonanza with all sorts of entertainment reporters on the scene to photograph Hilton in her reflective orange vest on litter duty in some cozy LA park or along some roadside.

Drunk driving is a serious thing. It can kill innocent people. But in the end, Paris Hilton may just prove that once again she is above the law.


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