Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Unnamed Intelligence Sources Claim That Syria Has Huge Underground Missile Complex

There are some unnamed military intelligence sources that now claim that Syria may have a complex of as many as 30 hardened bunkers in a deep fortified complex that manufacture missiles for that could be used to destroy Israel.

The missiles include Scud-D missiles purchased from North Korea and Chinese type C-802 missiles. These missiles could be disassembled and copied by Syrian military technical crews to create copy versions. It was also disclosed a few months ago by former second in command of the Iraqi Air Force under Saddam Hussein, Gen. Georges Sada, that Iraq sold their cehemical weapons components to Syria in 55-60 gallon drums, in a passenger airliner with the seats removed. Other sources claim that trucks were used to transfer WMD materials to Syria by Iraq.

Deep hardened underground bunkers are similiar to what Iran has done with their nuclar program. By placing these weapons programs under 75 foot deep concrete, no U.S. or Israeli "bunker buster" type bomb can penetrate these bunkers.


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