Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Israeli Prime Minister Now Faces A 0% Public Approval Rating

As incredible as it sounds, the latest public opinion poll in Israel has now put Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at 0% public approval when the margin of error is fugured in. This probably represents the very worst public opinion poll rating ever recorded for an elected head of state in a democratic nation ever.

Far beyond a failed effort in Lebanon by the Olmert government last year, other very serious problems are building for the current Israeli government.

Under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, even the World Bank now considers the government of Israel to be one of the most corrupt in the world. Risk ratings now rate this nation as one of the most risky in the world to do business with. Besides poor enforcememt of criminal laws, Israel also rates as risky because of a widespread problem of government officials accepting bribes or other self-enriching practices.

Also not very helpful to the public support standings of Olmert, is that the nation's President. Moshe Katsav is under investigation for rape, forced sex, sexual harrassment and other awful activities or crimes.

Meanwhile, enemies of Israel which include Hezbollah in Lenanon and Hamas in the West Bank, are stockpiling rockets and other arms at a terrific rate, potentially gearing up for a new war that could break out before the summer is out. And Iran continues work on it's nuclear program as well, presenting the most serious threat to Israel yet in it's history since the country was established in 1948 and recognized by the United Nations.


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