Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mitt Romney Raises New Questions About Himself

In the Republican Party, undoubtably the more conservative of the two major American political parties, about the worst thing any candidate can do is to raise questions about themself by being seen as being involved in strange unconventional activities or beliefs. In a party of so many social and religious traditionalists, being seen as being favorable to bizarre cultist beliefs is just about the kiss of death.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has had hard enough of a time because of his Mormon faith, thought to be a cult by many Christians, and indeed this has hurt his standing within his party. But now Romney renews questions about himself by an admission in an interview that "BATTLESTAR EARTH", a book written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is his favorite book. Mitt. Mitt Mitt. About the worst possible thing you can do is make people think that you are somehow favorable to the controversial views of the Scientologists when you haven't completely convinced people to trust your controversial faith yet.

Many voters in the Democratic Party might be willing to vote for someone who has unconventional beliefs, but in the Republican Party it is hard to find a much worst way of appealing to this party with large blocks of social and religious conservatives. My best guess is that conservatives within the republican Party will keep looking for a candidate to fall behind, and Mitt Romney just found a new way to give many voters in his party the "hebbie jebbies". Not smart. Everything you say is under a microscope, and unless every word is well chosen....Well just forget about winning in 2008, Mitt.


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