Friday, May 04, 2007

Republican Debate Brings Out Much Tough Talk About Iran When Iraq Hasn't Even Been Resolved

Without a doubt, Iran is a bad country. And their nuclear program only gives the world community the chills. But last night's Republican debate only served to give some voters the "hebbie jebbies" by the dominanace of so much tough talk about Iran. If anything it was merely an exhibition of testosterone rather than using the intellect to understand complex issues.

Playing to the largely Republican audience of viewers, this tough talk might play well. But is a major turnoff to the large pool of independent voters who will play a deciding role in the next election. More warlike talk is so far out of step with much of the public's opinion, that the Republicans certainly risk a serious defeat in the 2008 election if such trash talk continues to dominant their agenda.

After Vietnam, the nation was wary of war. Ronald Reagan seemed to lament that fact, and looked foe ways to flex the military in such a maner that certainly worried some, yet avoided the all-out quagmire of Bush's Iraq. Once again Iraq will cast a long shadow on the 2008 elections as well as leave the public in an antiwar mood for some years to come.

But many of the Republican candidates for President have misread the public if they think that the U.S. should get involved in a new war with Iran any time soon without good cause such a real threat to the U.S. Voters won't like this view at all. The public is currently in a peace mode, and will be for some years to come.


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