Thursday, May 03, 2007

Global warming Rapidly Melting The Last Glacier In Germany

In Zugspitze, Germany, desperate attempts to reflect sunlight to rescue the last remaining glacier in Germany are rapidly failing where within 20 years, this glacier will disappear, ending skiing in Germany, and damaging the local economy with many businesses, hotels and jobs dependent on this tourist location.

This is yeat another sign that global warming is taking a high toll on the environment of many areas already.

Normally slow melting of this glacier would help to feed many rivers in Europe, but now these rivers face a dire future with the possibility of drying up.

Early signs of climate change were first notice in African nations such as Mozambique, where it stopped raining more than 40 years ago, and great river beds completely dried up, and fish and animals died, and the farmers could no longer find conditions to grow any crops without enough water.

Slowly but srely the planet is dying from the effects of global warming, yet mystery conditions such as sudden recent deaths of many bees in the U.S. impact the pollination of many crops including soybeans, brocolli, apples, oranges, and many other food products. As much as 1/3 of the diet of humans depends on some sort of food stuff that has been pollinated by an insect.

Serious conditions are beginning to build that could leave persons even in the U.S. with far less food, at far higher prices, and make eating a luxury might be able to afford.


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