Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Washington Revolving Door Continues

As the sales of Toyota increases to the point that they become the world's largest seller of automobiles, their lobby clout in Washington also continues. And a natural place to look for a top lobbyist is to pick a former high ranking member of the government to represent you back in Washington.

David Garmen, not that long ago was the Under Secretary at the U.S. Department Of Energy. He also held the post Assistant Secretary For Energy Efficiency And Renewable Resources. Now he's the head lobbyist for Toyota.

This is the way that Washington works, the regulators and the big business lobbyists become one and same, going through the same revolving door over and over. Instead of truly independent regulators who objectively regulate issues of consumer safety or for the public good, big business often dictates who regulates the products or else hires lobbyists from the government in order to have influence.

It's the same old government nonsense. Nothing changes much in Washington.


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