Friday, May 07, 2010

D.A. In Charlie Sheen Case Hanging Tough For Jail Time

Reportedly, the D.A. in the Charlie Sheen domestic violence case is hanging tough on wanting at least 30 days of jail time. Lawyers for Charlie Sheen are currently willing to offer 10 days maximum. Sheen would either plead no contest or guilty to a misdemeanor of breaking his wife's glasses, a form of criminal mischief charge.

No doubt, CBS is closely watching Charlie Sheen's legal woes, as they have given the star until May 19, to settle his case. May 19, is important because that's the renewal deadline date for shows. And CBS doesn't want to renew TWO AND A HALF MEN without Charlie Sheen in the cast.

With the fate of TWO AND A HALF MEN hanging in the balance, fans of the show should be concerned about the outcome of Charlie Sheen's legal issues as well.


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