Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Filmed in the UK, THE DESCENT 2 is very good sequel to the surprisingly good 2006 Neil Marshall shocker about a group of female cave explorers who become the prey for some strange underground creatures living underground. Like the original, there's plenty of shocking "cat and mouse" prey action as the creatures attempt to feed on the newest group of cave explorers looking for answers when a single explorer emerged from the cave covered in blood not her own.

It turns out another member of the original group has been able to survive underground, but only by turning into a savage herself and becoming even more animalistic than her pursuers.

While some critics had mixed reactions to the sequel, I personally found it to be way above average as a horror genre film, as well as a great adventure type film as well. This is a movie you want to watch. And the reasonable 1hr 34minutes, running time seems just the right pacing to tell the story without any noticeable drag time.

Sadly, while the sequel had a $10 million dollar budget, the film only returned $5.5 million. You owe it the producers of this great film to buy a copy on DVD or at least rent it. You won't be disappointed.

The Bottom Line: Overall, a very good horror film that is way above the average par. And a worthy sequel as well. +++(Three stars out of four, or very good).