Thursday, May 06, 2010

ABC Would Like Deal With CBS For Two Shows

ABC is reportedly interested in a deal with CBS to acquire THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and THE GHOST WHISPERER. CBS might be willing to let THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE go over to ABC, but the fate of GHOST WHISPERER remains uncertain.

CBS is probably going to shake up Fridays for this Fall, where NUMB3Rs is likely to be axed. However, GHOST WHISPERER has been an anchor at CBS for a few seasons. But CBS could decide that the show is tired and retire it, letting ABC run it for a few more seasons. ABC acquired the tired NBC comedy SCRUBS and ran it until this year.

More and more networks are taking a clue from sports teams and trading players when it's to their benefit. (The exception appears to be Conan O'Brien going from the major league to the minors).