Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Leno & Hasselbeck: Jokes Gone Wrong

Jay Leno and Elisabeth Hasselbeck could sure use some new joke writers. Last night, Jay Leno told a joke that implied that Times Square bombing suspect was not only a member of Al Qaida, but even worse, a member of Team Coco. Conan O'Brien fans had to thrilled at the latest swipe at O'Brien from the old "Chinster" himself.

And probably worse, on a few levels, was a weak attempt by Elisabeth Hasselbeck on THE VIEW to attempt to make humor of the "Peeping Tom" incident involving victim sports reporter Erin Andrews by suggesting that hidden camera pervert could seen nearly as much on DANCING WITH THE STARS and avoided prison time. Today, after taking a heavy critical rapping, Hasselbeck offered up a tearful apology for the bad joke.

Warning Leno and Hasselbeck: Comedy is for the professionals only. Amateurs shouldn't try it or attempt it.