Thursday, May 06, 2010


Redbox sure makes it handy to rent some pretty mediocre films. And BACKWOODS, which was originally not a very good made-for-cable TV film has finally made it's way to some Redbox machines recently. It's no masterpiece by any means, but it's a watchable horror genre film. And for $1!(Did Redbox renting out $1 crap like this cause Hollywood Video to fail? Or, was Hollywood Video just no fun to go to? But, that's another question for later).

BACKWOODS starts out with a premise that a bunch of weird and tough backwoods type guys who can't decide if they're a Satan cult or a motorcycle gang like to kill or abduct passersby in the North Carolina woods. If the producer of the show can't even decide who these guys are supposed to be, then the audience watching has even less of a clue.

And here's a plot line that you can see coming all the way up Broadway. Some innocent folks

will fall into bad from those "backwoods" guys. Who could have guessed that was coming(smirk)?

But, despite this confused story line on who the weird abductor guys really are, BACKWOODS is still a watchable trash-a-rama film. It's certainly not the worst film ever made. But, it's also far from the best. No Oscars for this film.

Free bonus!: The DVD of this film also makes a Jim Dandy Frisbee! But, otherwise it's a marginally acceptable weird abductor guy film.

The Bottom Line: Unless you have something better to do, such as a root canal, BACKWOODS isn't entirely bad. But, it's far from good entertainment. ++(Two stars, or just fair entertainment at best).


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