Friday, May 07, 2010

Nutrisystem Drops Lawrence Taylor

Who would have ever guessed that rape charges might be bad for business? But Nutrisystem seems to think so, and has promptly canceled the promotion contract with former football great Lawrence Taylor.

As reported here yesterday, former New York Giants linebacker legend, Lawrence Taylor, was arrested on rape charges after he had sex with a 16 year old girl that was apparently compelled into prostitution by a pimp. Police found physical evidence of a condom in the hotel room used by Taylor. However, in his defense, the girl now admits that she lied about her age and told the football great that she was 19 years old. The alleged pimp in the case has been arrested as well.

The young girl told police that she was a runaway, and that the alleged pimp had compelled her into prostitution as well as set the prices for her sexual services.

It's not clear whether the new evidence of the girl lying about her age may give lawyers for Lawrence Taylor legal room to push for a plea deal to lesser charges of solicitation of a prostitute or not. But, compared to the far more serious charge of rape, lawyers will certainly try this legal strategy.

A spokesman for Nutrisystem released a statement about how they were "shocked and saddened" at the allegations against Taylor. Nutrisystem quickly replaced Taylor's image on the company's website with baseball great Matt Stairs from the San Diego Padres.