Sunday, May 09, 2010

Betty White's SNL Performance Called An Instant Classic

88 year old comic actress Betty White was acclaimed by critics today as turning in a great performance in one of the best SNL episodes of the season. Critics used the term "instant classic" to describe her excellent comic acting. SNL really stepped it up a few notches last night with improved writing as well, with Betty White making the Mother's Day edition of the show really something special.

An AOL poll found that 94% of viewers thought Betty White turned in a "great" performance, just 4% said she was "okay", and only 1% didn't like her performance. Those are staggeringly high ratings.

At 88 years of age, Betty White became the oldest host in the history of SNL. Fans of both Betty White and SNL got it right when they started a grassroots campaign on Facebook for her to host the show. 500,000 persons signed online petitions. And based on the critical reviews, Betty White was a smash hit according to ratings for the show which were way up, giving SNL great Nielsen rating numbers for May sweeps.

Last night's overnight ratings for SNL were the highest in 18 months according to the Nielsen report.


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