Sunday, September 02, 2007

Motor Scooters Are Great Fun And Good For The Environment As Well

Although gas prices have declined as of late, motor scooters offer a great form of alternatve transportation that has no equal for fun as well as environmental reasons. My Coolster F5 gets 94 miles a gallon. Your average hybrid automobile can do no better than barely half than that. And because of the light weight of scooters, smaller engines can keep right up with traffic with no struggle without the waste of hauling around 3,000 pounds of metal down the street with a much larger engine, often for only one person in the car. For most normal commuting to the grocery store, a motor scooter can carry back two big bags of groceries in the two trunks and with a field pack by the driver.

Motor scooters make a lot of sense in efforts to limit greenhouse gases and improving the environment. The only way to cut down on our own carbon profile is find ways such as motor scooters to cut down on pollution. Motor scooters offer an alternative to automobiles and SUVs which should only be used for longer commutes, or bicycles, which are limited by slow speed and limited by the amount of cargo they can carry.

In Asia, Europe, and many parts of the world, the motor scooter is an important form of transportation, saving both gas and the environment. Many newer scooters feature highly advanced four stroke engines with very little air pollution compared to the old two stroke models which burn a lot of oil with the gas due to this less advanced engine design.

The Coolster F5 is a good example of great Chinese mechanical engineering. This company located in Taizhou City, China builds around 37 models of motorcycles, motor scooters and ATVs, producing around 300,000 units each year. Their products sell for extremely reasonable prices, yet are a durable product and a great value. The fact of the matter is that China builds some very good products for a low price, and the motor scooters they produce often rate as a fantastic bargain when compared against the much higher priced models from Italy or other places.

I'm glad to limit my automobile use and use the motor scooter as much as I can. I put over 600km on this bike since this summer, and find it a very enjoyable form of transportation to run daily errands with. If you feel so inclined, then I invite every motorist to consider giving motor scooters a try. They're not for everyone. But they're great for fuel economy, the environment, and just plain way cool.