Saturday, August 25, 2007

FOX's ANCHORWOMAN Joins The TV Hall Of Shame As Only Airing Once Before Cancellation

FOX made history this past week, when the simply awful new reality series, ANCHORWOMAN, about a blonde bikini model who became a news anchor at a Tyler, Texas TV station was cancelled after only one airing. Very few TV shows have ever been so bad as to face a one airing cancellation. The ratings were simply awful for this show compared to other FOX programs which have proven much wider popularity in recent years to establish FOX as a major contender.

As far as the performance of this model, she was friendly enough, but a fellow female newscaster felt that she was unqualified to anchor the news. As a whole, she wasn't completely awful, but the show certainly had no audience appeal.

During the 1950's, of all persons, Jackie Gleason who used to call himself "the great one", faced a one show cancellation after a game show of his failed. But his later shows all proved to be major hits by comparison.

Maybe the worst TV show of all time that was cancelled after just one showing was a terrible British comedy where Hitler and Eva Braun move in next door to a Jewish couple. This disgusting premise both angered the public as well as drew only a few viewers. It was perhaps the worst idea ever for a TV show.

ANCHORWOMAN is proof positive that not every TV show goes on to become a big hit or can even draw an audience. Some shows simply lack the magic required to click with viewers.


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