Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New AMC Gremlin Diecast From Johnny Lightning

A hot brand AMC Gremlin diecast is just now appearing on Ebay and soon at dealers across America. One Ebay dealer Diecast-713, a specialist is fine diecast automobiles on Ebay is one of the very first dealers in the U.S. to offer this great new AMC Gremlin collectable. This model is of a 1972 prostock drag racing Gremlin. Some of the 1970's prostocks like the one from Wally Booth were able to do crowd pleasing wheelstands back in those days.

In recent times, the unusual little Gremlin from AMC has seen a revival as one of the great unique cars from the 1970's and has seen a steady rise in collector's price values. The car was first launched on April Fool's Day in 1970 as a 1971 model. It was created by cutting a foot and a half from the compact Hornet cars. The little Gremlin was the first modern Volkswagon sized automobile from Detroit, predating the Pinto by Ford and Vega by Chevrolet by months, and lower in price than either car at just $1,879 for the basic model. But while both the Pinto and Vega were mainly four cylinder cars, except for those modified with a V8, the little Gremlins were strangely overpowered by AMC with much bigger 6 cylinder and V8 engines. This endeared these cars to those who like a little car with plenty of power. Both the unusual "chopper" half wagon body design and overpowered engines made Gremlins a draw with fans.

In the last few years an explosion of new diecast Gremlins from Johnny Lightning as well as Motor Max have hit the market and delighted Gremlin fans. The Fresh Cherries line from Motor Max has revived a whole number of great 1970's cars including the Pinto, Vega, AMC Matador, Ford Maverick, AMC Hornet and many more classic Detroit iron. Motor Max even revived the dying tradition of model car building with some excellent 1/24th scale diecast metal model kits of the Gremlin. For any guy around 50 or older, model car building is something of a lost art from their childhood during the 1960's. Model car building took a huge turn for the better when AMT began to add engines to their 1/25th scale line of cars and "3 in 1" kits soon followed, where the builder could build the car either stock, custom or racing. Usually the custom or racing extras were just too good to ignore, and probably most of the cars ended up being built this way. The Motor Max metal model kits can only be built as stock, and are more similiar to the old pre60's models from AMT.

As the kids from the 50's, 60's and 70's age, they can't help but be impressed with the small market revival of some model kits and diecasts of the cars they loved as kids. Sometimes being an aging babyboomer is not half bad.


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