Friday, August 24, 2007

Senator Warner's Plan To Pressure Iraqi Government Probably Won't Work

After his latest visit to Iraq, veteran Republican Senator John Warner is proposing a token cutback of 5,000 U.S. tropps by December to pressure the Shitte dominated government which is on a month long vacation in August to make the needed political reforms and changes. But likely this will not work.

Iran likely has made enough political overatures towards Iraq that Tehran can provide any military or financial aid to the Sunni dominated Iraqi government that even if the U.S. was gone, would make little difference. Iran has proven the ability to reverse engineer a wide variety of arms, and may be able to provide the Shiites with arms far beyond what the U.S. provides to crush the Sunni minority if the U.S. was gone.

What is really needed in Iraq is a secular and inclusive government, much like what Iraq had under the past leadership of Dr. Ayad Allawi. A lobby and law fim headed by Haley Barbour, former GOP head, is hoping to bring Allawi back into power for example.

Senator John Warner, like most Americans is disgusted with Iraq. But there needs to be a wholesale change in the government there. Iran still waits in the wings to take advantage of the situation and pick up the pieces in the absence of any international forces there to police matters.

The American role in Iraq cannot be openended for sure. But on the other hand, Iran should not be allowed to exploit the nation's weaknesses and fuel more sectarian war between the Shiite and Sunni community either.


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