Saturday, September 01, 2007

Republican Candidates And Lawmakers Largely Ignoring Working People On Labor Day

On the Rudolph Giuliani website, which is down for repairs, there is merely a generic "Happy Labor Day" posted. On the Fred Thompson website, Labor Day is not even mentioned by name, only that Thompson may enter the race after "Thursday" is noted. By contrast, Labor Day is important to John Edwards and others. And in labor publications all over America, messages from Republicans to working people and labor unions are nearly completely missing, while Democratic lawmakers all over the country took out paid ads to offer their best wishes to the working people of America on Labor Day.

Who do the Republicans count on to vote for them if they choose to ignore working people on an important day like Labor Day?

At one time, Republican candidates would nearly always accept an invitation to speak to labor and made a decent attempt to compete for votes among working people and seek endorsements from labor unions. But as the party has drifted farther to the right, and more and more Republican lawmakers fight against minimum wage increases and other legislation for the working people of America, it has become clear that many Republicans running for office are not interested in the votes of working people and do not represent the interests of working people when elected. This is ahame. There should be a broad consensus of support for working people among both parties, and it is a huge mistake for Republicans to turn their back on the working people of America and ignore their best interests.

It seems that not everyone really offers their best wishes to working people on Labor Day. But they really should.


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