Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Idaho's Larry Craig The Latest Chapter In Right Wing Hypocrisy

The latest situation involving Idaho's very conservative Republican Senator Larry Craig is another good example of right wing hypocrisy. For years, Craig was known as a sharp critic of Gay rights and other "family issue" morality issues in the U.S. Senate. But a damning police report as well as Craig pleading guilty to the equivalent of lewd acts in a public place seem to indicate that Craig is yet another of conservative moral shortcomings and hypocrisy.

Why any man would engage in weird conduct in a public men's room is outrageous and simply not the place to express homosexual conduct. Most Gay men express their sexuality in much more normal ways than Craig chose to use according to the damning police report which sounded downright "creepy" according to former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough in a news interview.

Once again another member of Congress has disgraced the institution with awful personal conduct.


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