Thursday, August 23, 2007

Camel Even Names Their New Cigarette For Women After A Murder Weapon: The Stiletto

Leave it up to a R.J. Reynolds, the producer of Camel cigarettes to choose to name their new slim cigarette for women after a weapon historically used to commit murders; the stiletto. Already, U.S. Rep. Lois Capps(D-CA) and 40 members of Congress have voiced their concerns to 11 magazines for women urging them to discontine running ads for Camel No.9 cigarettes and other new cigarettes that hope to hook women on the deadly drug addiction to nicotine. Some women believe that smoking keeps them slim, but especially so when their bodies are eaten alive by cancer and they are reduced down to just a few pound before dying a horrible and painful death that cigarettes create.

R.J. Reynolds and similiar death merchants have no desire to stop marketing deadly new products to create new drug addicts to buy their products. In cases where the settlement with tobacco bans advertising attached to a publication that many young readers read, some tobacco companies beat this settlement by enclosing colorful printed material on card stock thaty is not actually affixed to the publication. This is nothing but playing lawyer tricks with the intent of the tobacco settlement in limitations on advertising.

Some medical evidence suggests that women may even be more likely to develop certain cancers than men, which makes it especially insidous that this new demographic is being targeted by the tobacco death merchants. Despite all of the serious evidence of cigarette injury and damage to both users and nonusers alike, this industry has no intent to stop finding new markets to increase their sales. This industry often owns other products such as food, and should really concentrate on those more healthy markets instead of the promotion of death through nicotine drug addiction.


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