Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bush Administration Ramping Up Al Qaeda In Iraq Fears Beyond The Real Threat Level

Certainly the terrorist Al Qaeda organization is no-good at all. This organization has contributed nothing more than death to many, many civilians only to advance their extremist religious and political values. In Iraq, this organization has proven the most deadly to civilians there, hoping to fan further sectarian fighting and tensions. This organization has proven itself far less lethal to most American troops, due to security measures except for many smaller roadside bomb attacks. It is the "soft" targets in Iraq such as civilians that are most vulnerable to such a dastardly terrorist organization.

Now the Bush Administration will have the American public believe that this weak terrorist organization is somehow planning a spectacular attack in the U.S., when they seem to be logistically unable to mount even large scales attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq. Once again, it is like the "boy crying wolf" from the Bush Administration who are cheapening the serious need for homeland security and caution to aid their failing Iraq War policy.

Certainly the public must keep their eyes open to prevent any future terrorist plots here. But more likely those plots would be planned in Pakistan or another nation where Al Qaeda functions more freely than Iraq. In a great many ways, this latest scare by the Bush Administration just seems like another desperate way to keep the U.S. involved in Iraq by claiming a danger far greater from Al Qaeda than they have so far been proven capable of.


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