Sunday, July 01, 2007


Just when the CREEPSHOW franchise looked as dead as a few of the corpses in the series, the series blazes back in great form with a very entertaining new DVD that just hit the videostores. Unlike some of the overdone gore of SAW and similiar gross-out films, CREEPSHOW goes in for the laughs with creepy tales where morality goes horriby wrong and bad consequences come down the line eventually to the guilty. This new CREEPSHOW film manages to maintain a spirit much much like the 1950's comics like TALES FROM THE CRYPT and other outrageous horror comics of this age before Congress and the Comics Code existed.

CREEPSHOW III, may not compare to the first installment from way back in 1982, and have big-time recognizable stars, but it seems better than the hasty 1987 CREEPSHOW 2 in many ways. In DVD form, the crystal-clear picture also adds to the sheer enjoyment of this film as a great guilty pleasure.

Some of the best segments include a girl's life seriously impacted by a TV remote control in strange ways, a loser whose life is brought to ruin after he acquires a strange radio on the street, and a murderous prostitute. All of the stories take on very weird unexpected twists and turns that you will never expect and is as good and as much fun as the old TALES FROM THE CRYPT series that HBO used to market, and is in fact a product of HBO.

If you love the old 1950's horror comics, then you'll love this very good horror flick in the same vein(get it). CREEPSHOW III is way cool fun! Rent a copy, or better yet, buy a copy today for your DVD collection today. Highly Recommended +++


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