Thursday, July 05, 2007

Not Your Typical July 4, Fireworks

Yesterday, while walking along a beach in Florida with her dog, a woman noticed a large barnacle covered object, a torpedo from a WWII submarine. She notified authorities who brought in Navy explosives experts who found the torpedo still active and detonated it on the beach because of the extreme danger if it was moved.

Such is the bitter legacy of war. Long after wars are over, forgotten landmines kill or maim. Lost unexploded bombs endanger lives. Farmers in Belgium discover an average of two to three unexploded shells and bombs every day since WWII while working their fields.

War not only takes many lives during the actual conflict, but continues a danger for years as unexploded weapons continue to surface. In the case of the "Florida torpedo", this deadly bomb missed it's ship and instead continued to float in the ocean for over 60 years until washing ashore.

Since the end of the Vietnam War for example, 38,000 people in Vietnam have been killed and another 100,000 wounded by unexploded French, American and Vietnamese shells, bombs and booby trap devices.


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