Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lady Bird Johnson

With the passing of Lady Bird Johnson today, America lost a great 1960's personality who was one of first great environmental champions who sought to beautify America among other leadership things. While John Kennedy was all about image, he was mostly unable to achieve many of his goals, but with a wave of public support as well as sympathy, President Johnson was one of the greatest presidents of all time with new programs under his Great Society and War On Poverty programs. Medicare, Medicaid, and many other programs got their start under LBJ. And these programs improved life for millions. But it was the continued war in Vietnam that destroyed his presidency.

Lady Bird Johnson and LBJ achieved the most for this country since FDR. They were great leaders for America and highly underrated by both the public at the time and by the historians. But both impacted the lives of many Americans and raised up African Americans and others from poverty and the ghetto.

Lady Bird Johnson remained interested in the news and current events until her death. Like her husband, they were both great leaders who impacted society for the best at the time. A great woman.


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