Monday, July 02, 2007

Hasbro And General Motors Both Hope For A TRANSFORMERS Thunderbolt Surge

With a new block buster movie that should inspire a big boom in toys for kids, Hasbro is banking on the TRANSFORMERS movie to boost their toy sales of this popular product line like a thunderbolt. General Motors also is banking on increased auto sales with a tie-in promotional campaign as these popular 1980's toys are now making a nostalgia comeback to buyers now old enough to buy real cars and trucks.

These toys were inspired from Japanese toys that date back to the 1970's, and many Japanese TRANSFORMERS-type toys exist. On the Web, Big Bad Toys is a leading speacialist in new and vintage TRANSFORMERS-type toys.

Hasbro has had a up and down history with the G.I. JOE action figure line. During times of peace, this line of products sells well, but as the U.S. gets bogged down in long quagmires like Vietnam and Iraq, where no end is in sight, then a public reaction begins to build against war toys, and sales often wane as the G.I. JOE toys begin disappearing from store shelves as the public begins a outcry against war toys.

TRANSFORMERS seem immune to such public pressures, instead trading on Sci Fi and a love for action not connected to a war weary public whose buying patterns can turn on a dime like the up and down market for G.I. JOE toys.


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