Friday, July 13, 2007

Surprise, Surprise, Iraq's Government Fails To Meet Benchmarks

Who could have seen this coming? Iraq's woefully dysfunctional government that is dominated by Shiite religious extremists and violent Shiite militia organizations such as the Badr and Wolf Brigades that only contributes to the sectarian violence in Iraq, rather than prevents it, has failed to meet many important "benchmarks" for progress.

Could it be that this dysfunctional government that can't even provide clean drinking water, keep electric lights on all day long, or has an Interior Ministry that is run by violent militia members who terrorize colleges and kill the professors is the wrong sort of government for Iraq?

American lives continue to be lost for a government that is a complete failure in Iraq. About the only thing the U.S. can do is to support a coup to overthrow this government, and end democratic elections for the near future, and allow an umbrella of secular based government role model National List partners under the leadership of Ayad Allawi to rule Iraq, and stop the violence, clean up the corruption, disband the militias, stop Al Qaeda, get the lights on, provide clean drinking water, open up schools and health clinics, and create a modern investment based economy in Iraq. The U.S. or any nation needing Iraq's oil, then would be free and safe to invest in exploiting this asset as the revenue would go to building a new and better modern Iraq, and not the primitive, almost prehistoric sectarian conflict state now in power.

The current government of Iraq is the problem. It needs to be changed if the U.S. intends any measure of success in Iraq.


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