Tuesday, May 01, 2007

As Violence Worsens In Iraq, Parliament Gets Ready For A Two Month Vacation

One of the big perks of being a legislator in Iraq is getting a paycheck, being a bigshot able to gain favor for yourself or family, and being able to take extended vacations. With such a leisurely attitude towards the importance of their role to solve problems in Iraq, many legislators simply don't care.

Violence just worsens in Iraq, while a government riddled with both corruption and ineptness just doesn't care.

With the government in such soft condition, without the presense of U.S. forces, would almost certainly be overthrown by some sort of a coup. The strongest Shiite militia group, or coalition of militia groups would have little problem overwelmiing such a weak government.

If anything, the grossly failed Bush war in Iraq has only strengthened Al Qaeda and Islamic radicalism. It has also strengthened the power of Iran in the region. And failed experiments with democracy have brought the worst elements power in Iraq and the Palestinian Authority region.

When a government so awful can only pack their bags for a two month vacation during a time of severe crisis for their nation, then you know many members of this government don't care about their nation very much.


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