Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Larger Spiritual Message Of The Rev. Ted Haggard Scandal

The Rev. Ted Haggard scandal is far deeper than just the spiritual failure of just one failed church leader. It is yet another example that the Bush White House has surrounded itself with spirtually flawed leaders who have very defective walks with God, who misuse their church leadership positions for preaching a false Gospel of politics and self financial enrichment.

From cover to cover, not a single word of the Bible encourages Christians to set up political governments here on earth. Quite the opposite, the Good News of the Bible is literally that God's Kingdom on earth is coming in the future. When a church leader is so flawed like Ted Haggaert, then they have no legitimate walk with God, and they do not really hear his voice. And worse yet, almost everything that followers of Haggart know about god, comes from this flawed church leader with no real ear to God. It is a loud warning from God that the church thet beling to is preaching a false religion. If these church members had a legitimate walk with God, then they should have realized this long before the Haggart scandal became public.

Ted Haggart and many politicians who preach a false Gospel to the public are undergoing a spiritual "shaking" by God. God is clearing out many false proponents of his faith who are liars, hypocrites, immoral or frauds who have actually taken many on a false spiritual path.

It is a very good thing that the Christuan right will likely take a huge hit in this election. This was always a false religious movement of some men, and a not a legitimate move of God himself. God would never call on men to set up a false political and spiritually counterfeit kingdom here on earth when the overwelming message of the New Testament of Jesus was to look forward to his future kingdom on earth. This spiritual shaking is an important effort by God to send a serious message to those who claim to be real followers of God to belong to better churches and to stop using God's name to justify a false message of politics or self-enrichment and to follow a legitimate walk with God.


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