Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The New "Jimmy Carter" Party

By the 1980 election, President Jimmy Carter was politically ruined by the 444 day Iranian hostage crisis, where each painful day only served to remind voters that his government was ineffective at being at being able to control this crisis. This year the war in Iraq, and each painful death of A,erican servocepersons has only served to highlight that Bush and the Republicans have become the new "Jimmy Carter" party.

Nothing better illustrates the weakness and ineffectiveness of George Bush and the Republicans as the pathetic desperate grab yerterday to to distort the bungled joke about George Bush's failed leadership by John Kerry, on the same day in which the antiAmerican Shiite militia controlled by radical cleric Sadr was able to force the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to order American troops removed from the giant Shiite slum of Sadr City. Sadr City comprises about 60 square miles and 2.6 million, mainly radical and antiAmerican Shiites, who are responsible for the killings of many American troops and were patrolling the city with checkpoints after the kidnapping of an American soldier last week.

To hear Mr. Bush use his line of domestic content political propaganda reasoning, American troops are fighting in Iraq to prevent terrorism from taking over. In reality, yesterday only proves that the Shiite terrorists control so many seats in the Iraqi government, that American troops are being ordered how and when they are allowed to police Iraq. The terrorists control the government of Iraq. The militia associated with radical cleric Sadr control 40 seats in the Iraqi parliament, and many other mainly Shiite militia groups such as the Badr Brigafe control other seats. American troops are used by these Shiite militia groups to fight the mainly Sunni militia groups and some minor "illegal" Shia militia groups not part of the government such as criminal gangs.

This sort of radicalism is not just particular to Iraq. Radical schools of Islam are all the world including the U.S. and the U.K., churning out fresh antiWestern radicals each and every day. It is estimated that of the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, that as many as 800 million follow some form of radical Islam. This week, Pakistan destroyed a school run by Al Qaeda, although Al Qaeda hardly represents anywhere near the majority of Muslim radicalism in the world. Most Muslims are antiAmerican and antiWestern and willing to support violence against the U.S. , Israel and the Western world, but very few have any connection to the tiny Al Qaeda organization. Even in Iraq, Al Qaeda probably numbers only about 1,000 persons, about half foreign fighters, while domestic Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish militia groups run into hundreds of thousands of members and millions of followers.

Yesterday, the Bush White House thought it was very important to knock the fact that the cleric Sadr's militia organization was able to force American troops to stop the checkpoints of he huge 2.6 million popilation Shiiite slum that he controls. Terrorist militia groups are so powerful in Iraq, that they dictate how the U.S. is allowed to police Iraq, and Mr. Bush only cowers to their demands.

This is the face of new "Jimmy Carter" party; tough-guy nonsense political trash talk at home for domestic political consumption to a shrinking audience of gullible listeners, while terrorist militia groups are already in firm political control in Iraq, dictating how, when and where George Bush is allowed to police Iraq. Of recent arms shipments to the Iraqi army, 14,000 guns and arms were recently reported stolen or missing. Within the last couple of weeks, 3,000 corrupt Iraqi government officials and police officers were forced to resign from the government. Mr. Bush continues to politically claim "progress" in Iraq, when all objective measurements are that a militia group terrorist dominated government leads Iraq, and limits how, when and where American troops are allowed to police the country. It is pretty obvious that George Bush has lost the war in Iraq to just the same sort of people he claims to be in the process of victory over. George Bush has become the new "Jimmy Carter" of 2006, where every lost American life only reminds voters of his failures, and his unCarterlike lies of claimed progress in Iraq, against the truth and reality only serve to disgust many voters.


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