Friday, November 03, 2006

Tony's "Snow" Job

When Tony Snow took on the role of White House spokesman the public had high expectations that Snow would continue to act as the credible and honest journalist that he had built his reputation on. It sure didn't take Tony Snow very long to discard any ethics or a good journalistic reputation to become a Bush Administration "yesman" that promotes any absurd lie of this corrupt and ethicly challenged administration.

This week it was pretty obvious that John Kerry badly botched up a slam on George Bush, and Tony Snow was one of the most visible White House figures to deliberately lie about this flub and twist it into some sort of slam about the intelligence of U.S. servicepersons. Snow can't possiby be so dim that he couldn't have misunderstood what Kerry actually meant. Snow simply lied to the American public about what Kerry said for partisan political purposes.

Unfortunately Snow's decline from honest journalist to lying political White House hack hasn't just stopped with lying about Kerry's flub to the American public. Snow continually lies about the U.S. mission in Iraq, falsely echoing the White House nonsense that we are fighting for a democratic government against terrorism in Iraq. The real truth is that many Sunnis did not vote because they realized how hopeless it was to prevent a Shiite dominated government with Shia militia groups such as the one associated radical antiAmerican cleric Sadr from gaining control on Iraq. Sadr's supporters hold 40 seats in the Iraqi parliament, and basicly hand chose Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Other militia groups such as the Badr Brigade and other radical grouips hold many seats in the Iraqi government as well. Up to 70% of policemen in Iraq are associated with militia groups, where a common joke is "Here comes the Iraqi police, the greatest threat to peace in Iraq".

Tony Snow may claim that the U.S. is fighting for some sort of honorable government in Iraq, but the truth is that we have lost over 2,800 lives and had over 20,000 wounded solely to fight for a corrupt terrorist government that runs police that terrorize Sunni citizens and kidnap, torture and behead them. There is no substantial difference between the torture and killings of Saddam Hussein and this new government that we support. And there is no substantial improvement in honesty or lack of corruption compared to Saddam Hussein either. Al Qaeda is one of the smallest terrorist groups within Iraq, and absolutely unable to wrest control in Iraq, but the terrorist Shiite militias are already firmly in control of the Iraqi government and whether Americsans should continue to lose their lives for such a corrupt terrorist dominated government is an important question.

It only seems when Bush leaves office, by impeachment or in Jan 2009, will the Tony "Snow" job stop. Truth has become the first victim of this administration, then the lives of many Americans fighting for the wrong type of government in Iraq.


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