Sunday, October 29, 2006

American Elections Have Become An Appalling Display Of Ignorance And Dysfuntion

The American elections so far have become just about what you would expect from a nation in which sometimes only about 39% of students even graduate from high school, compared to Asian nations where students still commit suicide if they do not make it into higher education institutions and math and other skills are among the very best in the world. Ignorant ads that are intelligence insulting are the general rule this year, something that you'd expect from a society not even literate enough to construct complete thoughts or make good use of fully functional cognitive skills.

And many voters will still vote solely on the basis of ignorant single issues such as prejudice against others because they are an economic immigrant to this nation, a Gay American seeking equal justice and rights, or old time racial prejudice.

And our government is headed by ignorant men who put us in Iraq, not bothering to open any history books on the region to realize that we would only incite long held secular hatred and open up more violence. It was absurd to think that an only partially literate and intelligent society like ours which is not even fully civilized iteslf could seek to solve all the problems of a more primitive society like Iraq wiith no traditions of democracy and violence rather than civilized debate more the rule than anything.

It is likely that Democrats may do somewhat better than Republicans in this election. Yet under the very weak leadership of party head, Howard Dean, there was little good effort to construct a universal core set of values or beliefs, where many voters would be hard pressed to state what Democrats really stand for other than they are not the party of George Bush.

Democrats would like to win this year. But it seemed to involve too much effort to organize some cohesive thoughts together to state what the party really stands for, or to organize decent "get out the vote" efforts, and instead pins very thin hopes of a narrow win to control Congress. But lazy efforts get lazy results, and the Democrats may find themselves once again shortchanged because they barely did enough work to gain their desired results.

But a vote for many of the Republican candidates often proves even less common sense on the part of many voters. For the sake of a prejudiced vote against immigrants or Gay Americans, these voters will be punished by electing a government that keeps wages low, ignores the best interests of consumers and the average citizen, and often merely panders to the worst greedy instincts of big oil and other ruthless profiteering corporations.

American society is overrun by excessive imports where 96% of all clothing we wear is imported and not made domestically. All American automobile manufacturers are facing serious problems where it is possible that none will survive. Job layoffs to labor cheap nations such as China and India, where the students are far better at math and other skills than American students is becoming the rule. American society is a decaying mass of both manufacturing and intelligence and personal values declines. 28% of young people consider themselves to be shoplifters and those who consider themselves to be liars or other bad traits now top out as much as 60%.

Some of our best exports to the world are music such as Rap which often glorifies lifestyles based on violence, or country music which often glorifies drunkeness, divorce or the breakdown of the family. Rock music has even lost much of it's former beauty, and now often is little more than an angry outlet for young male frustrations by young males not even able to understand why they are so angry to begin with. These exports often better illustrate the ignorance and dyfunction of American society to the world almost better than anything except our ability to bring war, not peace to members of the developing world.

So ignorant people not even able to solve their own problems, with a lack of civility to even intelligently debate issues involving our own government as proven by tasteless campaign ads, will still seek to re-order the world after our election. It is little wonder that the more civilized nations of the world where education is the top priority, and who believe in intelligent and orderly problem solving do want partnerships with the U.S. on many issues.

Without a doubt, the American civilization is a declining one. The current ads during this campaign only serve to illustrate just how intellectually deficient our society has become. Few good answers have so far been offered by many who seek to run our government.

Our society has also become so secular that it has failed to note that in the Old Testament when ancient Israel became so spiritually worthless to God, that he allowed their society to be "corrected" and terrorized by a ruthless rivals. Many in the Islamic world feel that their current role is to "correct" the Christian and Jewish world for their sins. Up to 800 million of the 1.3 billion world Muslims may support this vision of bringing "correction" to the Western world. Americans need to take a good look to see of much of their problems aren't really in their character and lack of genuine spiritual values. Our lack of a civilized election here should serve as a warning that deeper values problems are rotting at the core of America.

When many young people don't want to go to school. Politicians don't want to be honest. Business leaders only want greed that best serves just their interests. And a raising force of worldwide Islamic radicalism feel that they are here solely to "correct" our civilization, then there is little reason to expect that this election in the U.S. will solve many of our problems and only hasten and continue our decline as a world power.


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