Thursday, November 02, 2006

White House Planned War Games Near Iran To Provoke A MidEast Security Situation Before The Election

In a highly questionable move that smells of political manipulation, the Bush White House and the Pentagon planned war games near Iran with Bahrain that concluded two days ago that have now resulted in Iran test firing 14 nuclear weapons capable Shahab-3 missiles. Right before the election, it appeared that the White House hoped to provoke a MidEast security situation that the White House could capitalize over right before the election.

The long range prospects of MidEast paece are indeed threatened by a nuclaer aremed Iran and nuclear proliferation to smaller irresponsible world states such as North Korea. However, for purely political reasons it is a dangerous game to provoke a wild regime like the radical religious government of Iran into some dangerous show of force in response to political games by the White House. This is a dangerous way to scare up "security" oriented voters for next week's election that can result in dangerous problems for MidEast peace long after the election.

No doubt the White House is also looking forward to the high likelyhood of another late last minute message from Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden actually needs George Bush to villanize to radicalize more Muslims and build membership for his organization which has actually taken a huge beating after 9/11. It is often new terrorist organizations not at all associated with Al Qaeda responsible for so many of the world's terrorist incidents since 9/11. Much like both the Soviets and the U.S. were able to do during the Cold War, the mutual "villanization" of eacj other serves important domestic political purposes. Both George Bush and Osama Bin Laden inflate their worth politically by the mutual use of each other to further their power bases.

Even the White House which pretended to misintrepret the meaning of John Kerry's joke about the Bush Administration not doing their homework and leaving America stuck in Iraq, this government perpetuates their power by cheap use of semantical arguments worthless of any real value, and playng dangerous games of fear to "scare up " voters. The game playing that has provoked Iran to launch 14 missiles is just another example of this ruling by fear. In the 1950's far right Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy built up a power base for himself by raising fears about Communism far beyond any genuine Soviet military threats. Building a power base by ruling out of fear is a dangerous game that avoids direct talks with potential adversaries to garner the necessary peace agreements and endangers the lives of many for a short term political gain. This White House has simply engaged in too much of this "crying wolf" for their own benefit while avoiding genuine opportunities to engage potential adversaries in peace terms. Whether most voters will fall for this again on next Tuesday, remains to be seen.


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