Sunday, October 29, 2006

Simply Awful And Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

If your still haven't bought a Halloween costume for your kids or yourself, then here are a few of the worst cheap old standards. All of these can be thrown together with almost no thought or effort, and also unfortunately look like it.

BEDSHEET GHOST: This costume involves only a white bedsheet with two eye holes. A very effectove costume for very little effort. But doesn't work at all if the only sheet available is one with a lovely floral pattern. Blankets and other items also don't work at all, but are indeed laughably funny.

BATHROOM TISSUE MUMMY: This thoughless quick costume involves very little more thought than wrapping your child in bathrom tissue. But any rainy weather will quickly end this cheap idea. Almost as bad is sending your kid out with extra rolls of bathroom tissue to make constant repaors to the costume along the way.

MOM'S LIPSTICK FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER: At first glance, using mom's lipstick to make scars and other Frankenstein's monster makeup may seem like a great idea. But it will not only look crummy, but will likely stain the skin for days afterward and involve a lot of explaning. Not worth the effort. Buy approved use skin use grease makeup instead.

OLD CLOTHES HOBO: What better way to show off the crummy clothes you still have around your home that should have been given to the homeless or used as car waxing rags long ago.

CROCODILE HUNTER WITH BLACK TRASHBAG STINGRAY: It's way too soon for this tasteless, but simple costume. A Crocodile Hunter costume is easy enough to make with a coat hanger opened up and black trashbag material pulled over it. Please resist this urge.

KITCHEN FOIL ROBOT: Not only is this stuff really scratchy when used on the face, but unless used with cardboard boxes, is a real mess. A cool sounding idea that quickly goes "agog".

BROWN PAPER BAG MR. POTATO HEAD: Oh no. For Heaven's sake, no.

CARDBOARD BEARDS: Oh boy, does this really show a lot of effort and thought. What? Spending 29cents for the cheapest possible mask is too tough?

LONG LEFT OVER DRESSES USED AS COSTUMES ON SMALL CHILDREN: Watch your kids struggle to climb steps and fall down all along the way. Absolutely unsafe and a bad idea.

The best idea is not to be so cheap and to get your kids something worthwhile and safe to wear while there's still a little time. Most homemade costumes can quickly become a bad idea if given half the chance. Unless you're Martha Stewart who has the skills of MCGYVER to fashion something amazing from your household junk, then better leave things up to the experts.


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