Monday, October 30, 2006

China Cuts Crude Oil Exports To North Korea

During September, new statistics prove that China has cut oil exports to North Korea. North Korea gets virtually all of it's oil exports from China. The big question is whether this is part of a Chinese effort to force Kim Jong-Il from pwer in favor of a more pragmatic Communist leader or simply because Chinese demand for oil has grown so strong that no spare oil supplies are available to share with North Korea. But China has also exceeded some of the U.N. sanctions on Noth Korea by tightening Chinese bank transactions with North Korea, so there is good reason to believe that China is taking an active role in attempting to undermine Kim Jong-I; which may now be seen by Bejng of simply too destabilizing of an influence in Asia.

China is also moving to tighten border security against many North Koreans who are starving running over their border. Reportedly a "security fence" is being assembled to control North Koreans who are seeking political refuge in China. China likely does not want the Communist government of North Korea to collapse, but wants to bring down Kim Jong-Il in favor of leadership that will not cause political problems that Kim Jong-Il has managed to bring to Asia. By applying enough pressures, China appears to forcing other North Korean Communist leadership to take control in North Korea.


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