Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The "S**t" Heard Around The World

Yesterday, Mr. Bush unknowingly used an explictive beginning with "s" into an open Russian press microphone at the G8 conference to British leader Tony Blair to describe his frustration at the nonsense of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Well, fair enough, that represents just how frustrated Mr. Bush has become at the tactics of this Iranian formed terrorist organization that has compiled thousands of rockets and arms to create terrorism against Israel.

Certainly when a third party state such as Iran sets a terrorist army to create a proxy war against a nation, and this entire nonsense triggers a regional war in the MidEast such as we now see with death and injuries on all sides, then there is a real sense of frustration.

Yet it was only a few days ago, that Mr. signed into law a bill passed by Congress to dramaticly increase the broadcast indecency fines. It's funny if a few celebrities on TV or radio choose to represent themselves in less than pretty, and graphic terms, then the FCC should walk in with broad police powers to mow down celebrities or fine TVor radio shows off the airwaves. But when a politician chooses to express themselves in similar frustrated terms, then the public should look the other way.

Freedom of speech standards needs to work consistently for all. Not just for the politicians.


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