Monday, July 10, 2006

It's Up To China To Prevent War With North Korea

China has been given a few days to try to make North Korea see the light about their missile tests by U.N. Security Council member states. Unfortunately this is probably all that stands between preventing a major regional war with North Korea.

Japan has the strongest feelings about North Korea and considers this hostile nation to be a real threat to their nation. Japan is currently studying their postWorld War II constitution whether it allows for a "premptive strike" on North Korea's missile launches or missile program. Rather than securing more peace in the region, this will only trigger a huge Asian war with North Korea, and will certainly draw in the United States. Whether China will sit this out, or join in with North Korea is a big question. And what the role of Russia is also a huge question.

Any military action against North Korea is exactly the wrong response to their missile tests. North Korea has opened a real "Pandora's Box" with these actions. And with years of mutual dislike between Japan and North Korea and China, any outcome of military action by japan will almost certainly trigger a huge war in Asia. South Korea and U.S. troops will become quickly involved. And as many as one million persons on all sides may die within the first 24 hours according to some experts on military affairs.

The world needs to hope and pray that China can successfully prevent this situation from spinning out of control. This situation will hit a critical mass if Japan attempts military action against North Korea. Japan may view this as defense. But it could become the first shots of World War III if the situation grows beyond a regional Asian war. The world doesn't need this right now. And since many Asian nations such as Japan, China and South Korea are preventing the U.S. government from bankruptcy and economic collapse by holding hundreds of billions in U.S. Treasury Bonds, the impact on the U.S. is very uncertain. The U.S. may find itself economically ruined by this war, and a second class nation as a result of this war. The U.S. military is probably strong enough to win a huge war, but the American government may not be able to withstand such a huge economic hit and every American's lifestyle may take a giant hit.

Bad times like the U.S. has never seen may be ahead if China fails to prevent Japan and North Korea from going to war. Hopefully the dice has not been tossed yet.


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