Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This Week's Most Pathetic Cigarette Smoker

In judging the most pathetic cigarette smoker of the week is very difficult. There are so many examples of absurd and outrageous obnoxious conduct to go around. But I believe I found this week's winner:

An Oregon woman walked into a 7 -11 Store and asked for a pack of cigarettes, and instead of paying for it, displayed a handgun. She now faces armed robbery charges, and under Oregon's Mandatory sentences law, known as Measure 11, now faces as much as seven years and six months in prison.

Is being a nicotine drug addict so important that facing a lengthy prison term is risked because the drug addict doesn't want to pay $4 for nicotine drug fix? It also proves that like other dangerous drugs, nicotine addiction has close ties to criminal conduct. Examples such as this should concern lawmakers and realize that that this drug needs to be cracked down on by government. Any drug that inspires violent crime is indeed dangerous and a threat to a civilized society.

Any drug that inspires a person to use a gun to commit armed robbery is indeed a serious drug with severe psychological consequences for users who cannot control this addiction. This proves how powerful and dangerous some "legal" drugs are. There is no such thing as "safe" drugs. They all have effects, with some being more dangerous than others. Society needs to recognize this.


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