Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Corrupt American Congress Votes To Ban Internet Gambling After Intense Lobby Efforts By American Gaming Interests

In the guise of a pseudo-morality or even "consumer protection", our corrupt Congress has sided with huge lobby efforts from the American Gaming Association, and other big casino interests to protect large Las Vegas and Atlantic City gambling interests, and supported a bill intented to ban internet gambling.

Certainly most internet gambling is by off-shore interests which can easily make the games corrupt or fixed, where it is nearly impossible to win. But with huge political contributions to both Democrats and Republicans, the real intent of Congress was to eliminate any competition for Las Vegas or Atlantic City hotels and casinos. Congress was hardly acting out of any genuine attempt to protect consumers or even respond to morality or addiction problems related to gambling. It was sheer greed on the part of American Gaming Association interests that pushed along this legislation.

According to the American Gaming Association's top lobbyist, Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr., former Republican Party Chairman, the gaming industry faces a "triple threat" from tribal casinos, internet gambling and the NCAA call to ban sports betting. Fahrenkopf referred to the attempt by Congress to ban internet gambling as a "significant victory" before a gambling trade association event attended by 700 top American gambling industry executives. leaders and fellow lobbyists.

Some huge American casinos such as Mirage Resorts gave $601,500 to politicians, split $262,00 for Democrats and $337, 500 to Republicans. MGM Grand split $294,337 as $155,000 to Democrats and $139,337. Park Place Entertainment, Mandalay Resort Group, Anchor Gaming, Harrah's Entertainment, Station Casinos Inc., Boyd Gaming and International Game Technology were among other high buck political contibutors to both Democrats and Republicans, as American gaming interests sought favor to ban internet gambling or limit tribal casino growth.

Historically both Republican Senators John McCain(R-AZ) and Trent Lott(R-Miss) have received the most in political contributions. McCain was involved in previous campaign contribution scandals involving accepting contributions as one of the "Keating Five" during the Lincoln Savings Scandal. Charles Keating, Jr. apparently sought to divert attention from his personal corruption by becoming an ant porn crusader, hoping this would give him moral cover for his corruption. One term NJ Democratic Senator, Robert Torricelli, knicknamed "The Torch" used to receive the largest amounts of gaming industry contributions, but after an unrelated bribery scandal involving Chinese businessman, David Chang, Torricelli did not seek reelection. Interestingly, both Democratic Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid(D-NV) and Edward Kennedy(D-MA) round out the top money bag men from American gaming industry interests.

No doubt American gaming interests are celebrating their victory in Congress over their internet online gambling competition. It once again proves that this govenment in Washington is the best government "money can buy".


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What are you looking for today?

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The politicians in this country are ridiculous. Gambling should be legal in land-based casinos and over the Internet.


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