Friday, July 14, 2006

Send Former Senator George Mitchell To Negotiate MidEast Peace

Former U.S. Senator, George Mitchell is an effective negotiator. He has proven success before and has a great deal of respect on all sides because he's also an Arab American. Today on a cable new broadcast, Mitchell hinted that he would gladly help to negotiate peace if called to do so by the Administration. This is an important opportunity not to be missed.

George Mitchell offering his services may be the most important step that could be done to bring warring sides to a ceasefire and prevent this conflict from adding both Syria and Iran to the conflict if it continues to worsen over the next few days. When high oil prices start to hit here, or MidEast oil supplies are threatened by a widening war, then even the average American will understand the huge worldwide impact of this serious conflict.

George Mitchell stands unique in his clout and respect to secure a ceasefire before more innocent persons are injured or killed on all sides. 220,000 Israeli citizens including children spending this Sabbath weekend in fallout and bomb shelters is no life at all. Likewise Arab children facing violence or danger is no life either. For the sake of the children of the MidEast, the adults need to pull back and have a ceasefire and learn to respect each other. This constant cycle of MidEast violence must stop. As long as George Mitchell is willing to offer his services, then it would certainly be wise to accept his offer.


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