Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai 7/11

For some reason, terrorists have three times chosen the 11th day of the month to strike with deadly terror against innocent civilians. The deadly attacks in the U.S. were 9/11. In Madrid, Spain, it was 3/11. And in Mumbai(formerly Bombay), India, it was 7/11.

These latest attacks seemed to professional to be the work of Kasmir separatists. Dawood Ibrahim, who has ties to Al Qaeda seems more likely by world terrorism experts to have had a hand in these attacks.

In all three cases, it seems like some Muslim extremists are at religious war with any faith other than their own. The Christian, Jewish and Hindu faiths all have been targets of this violence. For the most part, the Hindu society of India is very peaceful. India has provided some noncombat peacekeepers in Afghanistan, but not Iraq.

But taking 174 innocent lives as well as injuring as many as 454 other persons is an outrage. It proves the cowardly nature of terrorism, that targets innocent civilians who have no real say over foreign policy that a government has. Responsible persons lobby a government, not target it's citizens with violence.

Every cowardly act only results in another society turning tougher against terrorism. In Russia the top Chechen terrorist leader who organized both the school as well as movie theatre attacks was killed the other day. And Osama Bin Laden seems to have his movements greatly limited after 9/11.

As more and more nations become victims, tougher dealings with terrorists give these radicals less area to hide. There is plenty of violence to go around, but peaceful societies are getting smarter at new ways to prevent violence from these radicals. This is not to mean that future violence will not happen. But a repeat of the same sort of violence becomes less likely.

Hopefully someday this outrageous type of crime will be erased from the earth. There is no excuse for political extremists to express themselves violently, when peaceful channels exist to voice their concerns. Terrorism is nothing more than crime. And it needs to be stomped out like any other sort of crime. Civil societies cannot have lawlessness like this continue to take innocent lives. Instead of persons becoming sympathetic to the political aims of these terrorists, they only instead hate them. Societies that have been victims of this type of violence will only pull closer together, and put aside any political differences. A common goal to erase these type of crimes and make the lives of innocent persons secure is of utmost importance.