Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eliot Spitzer In Talks With CNN

Disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is reportedly in some talks with CNN. With the announced departure of anchor Campbell Brown, Spitzer may be looking at taking over the anchor role there. CNN may be shopping for a volatile personality to compete with the caustic Bill O'Reilly or the the controversial Keith Olbermann. Eliot Spitzer is an outspoken personality for sure, and might just bring enough controversy of his own to boost sagging ratings at the network.

Spitzer has worked as an analyst over at rival network MSNBC recently. But whether CNN or Spitzer are responsible for the action to bring him over to CNN is not known. But, CNN is definitely shopping for a replacement for Campbell Brown right now.

After FOX proved successful by bringing Bill O'Reilly over to network, who brings all of the charm of a pitbull to news reporting, it created a new phenomenon of outrageousness in news reporting, making it hard for traditional journalists such as Campbell Brown to compete. She quickly tired of having to compete with the angry outrageous persona of O'Reilly or the flamboyant character of Keith Olbermann.

News reporting is degenerating into the same sort of uncivil conduct mess that is beginning to characterize some politics. Despite a far greater access to information of all types, it hasn't always created a better informed or better educated population. Some news anchors now feel that their role isn't one of a teacher, but to be someone who incites angry mobs. Hopefully, CNN isn't ready to play that game as well.