Friday, May 21, 2010

THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Series Finale This Weekend

Loyal fans of THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER are still working eleventh hour efforts to rescue the series from cancellation with petition campaigns and active Twitter efforts. 28 year old actress, Bridget Regan, is so grateful to the loyalty of these fans and reads as many of the Twitter messages as her time allows. She's equally sad to see the program end as Disney-ABC productions decided to ax both THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER as well as the long running Roger Ebert's AT THE MOVIES.

Barring any new deal to send the series to a new network, or to find a new main distributor, THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER will probably end it's two year run this weekend, playing on a wide number of channels as a syndicated program.

That's part of what made THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER such a great program. It was perhaps the best produced syndicated program ever made. It was a real first rate show that didn't cut corners on quality. And Regan promises one heck of a great series finale this weekend. The actress even went out on a limb attempting some daring horse riding stunts herself. She promises the show to be the best of the 44 episodes in the series.

Regan has became a big fan of the series as well, wishing that her Kahlan character could have more time to develop her relationship with Richard, and maybe even marry him. She knows that Kahlan is always just one step from danger in the series. But she'd like to see a happy Kahlan in the end.

If you love THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, then please sign petitions and write Disney. Let your thoughts be known. Regan is on your side, and fully supports your efforts.