Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miss USA 2010: A Nice Pole Dancing Muslim Girl?

Once again, the Miss USA Pageant has managed to create pant loads of controversy. Last year, the absurd Miss California Carrie Prejean saga made laughable scandal headlines as a seemingly nice Christian girl was discovered to be a bit of a hypocrite when a soft porn background of photos and a video were discovered. Now, the pageant is well poised to become a laughing stock once again this year, as a seemingly nice Muslim girl with a Lebanese heritage was found to be a 2007 pole dancing contest winner held by a radio station. Among her prizes were a nice collection of adult toys for her own use and self-abuse and her very own very nice stripper pole for home use.

In search of ratings, the Pageant received some more controversy this year with the release of racy lingerie photos of the contestants. Instead of unwanted bad publicity, the pageant itself was actually responsible for these. Pageant heads seem intent to shoot themselves in the foot it seems.

Every year, the Miss USA Pageant now seems to be a breeding ground for unintentional laughter as it stupidly walks into one controversy after another. Meanwhile, Miss 2010 USA is probably busy making good use of her prizes.


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