Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charlie Sheen Signs Big Deal To Keep TWO AND A HALF MEN On The Air

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen has signed a huge deal that will pay him $1.2 million an episode and keep TWO AND A HALF MEN on the air for two more years. Eleventh hour negotiations with the actor in recent days were key to CBS renewing the series for two more seasons despite the highest ratings of any comedy series on TV. CBS didn't want to renew the series if Charlie Sheen wasn't on-board.

Today, in a press conference, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler was forced to defend the high payout to the troubled actor. CBS needed TWO AND A HALF MEN to act as lead-in for the new Chuck Lorre comedy, MIKE & MOLLY, which CBS feels has real hit potential.

CBS feels confident enough in the strength of THE BIG BANG THEORY, also from Chuck Lorre to move the show lead off their big Thursday night line-up that includes BLEEP MY DAD SAYS(Formerly known as SHIT MY DAD SAYS), CSI and THE MENTALIST. This line-up should probably continue to dominate Thursday night network ratings.

Having Charlie Sheen back at work gives CBS real star power. But, Sheen needs to clean up his bad boy act and not create more problems for himself. CBS doesn't need that from someone drawing such big bucks.


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