Friday, May 21, 2010


HYDRA isn't an entirely bad made-for-cable TV movie that's found it's way to DVD recently. The story of four wealthy men who each lost loved one's to crime who spend money to hunt down four law breakers on a small deserted island as prey is a rather interesting enough story. Unfortunately, this island is also inhabited by a mythical multiheaded hydra monster as well.

While the hydra monster digital special effects are sometimes incredibly cheap looking and downright laughable, the movie itself is still enjoyable enough popcorn movie fare, and would still make for some enjoyable Friday night viewing.

While some effort went into the film, the film did manage to miss some important fact checking into the legend story of Hercules. Hercules didn't use a magical sword to prevent the heads of the hydra from regenerating. He actually used a club or sickle to take off the heads, while his nephew used the flame from a torch to burn the wounds closed. But, regardless of this wrong lesson into the legend of Hercules, HYRDA does make some good use of a few ancient Greek type props and a magical sword angle.

Not a great film by an stretch of the imagination. But enjoyable enough entertainment. And the DVD does make a great Frizbee as well!

The Bottom Line: Not total crap. But, not that great either. A so-so popcorn film to watch once and forget. ++(Two stars, or just fair).


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