Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breaking News: CBS Cancels Seven Shows In Surprising Move

While the hand writing appeared to be on the wall for a while for several CBS shows, there were still some big surprises with the official cancellation announcements today from CBS. While GHOST WHISPERER continually won it's time slot at Friday at 8pm, CBS canceled the series. However, with ABC expressing interest in picking up the series, there could be back room dealing going on to send the series over there. The same thing might hold true for the cancellation of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE. ABC wants that series as well, and CBS might have struck such a deal to send that series away as well.

But the news is far less good for COLD CASE which was officially canceled after 7 seasons. While the show has always done well on Sunday evening, it's ratings had slipped slightly over the years. CBS likely needs the spot for something new that the network feels will pull in larger numbers.

NUMB3Rs was another very good CBS show that officially hit the end of the road today. That move was widely expected by CBS, but still is a sad end to a very good TV show.

It was pretty much expected that ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, GARY UNMARRIED and MIAMI MEDICAL might be ended as well, although ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE did manage pretty strong ratings because of the time slot it was positioned in between blockbuster comedies.

Fans of GHOST WHISPERER and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE really need cross their fingers and hope and pray that some deal with ABC is really in the works right now. Otherwise, these shows are really gone.