Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arrest Warrant Issued For Lindsay Lohan

Hey, you could see this coming all the way up Broadway. All Lindsay Lohan had to do was to read Wizbang Pop, TMZ, or any other good celebrity news site to find out that she was going to be arrested unless she completed her court ordered alcohol classes. So, what does the scandal queen do instead? Well, she parties in France at Cannes on a boat, misses her morning court date in Los Angeles and gets slapped with a bench warrant for her arrest.

And to cover her little ass, Lindsay's lawyer claimed that she somehow had her passport stolen, although French authorities claim that Lohan never made any such report of a stolen passport. Further, TMZ ran photos today of Lindsay doing the late night party scene in France on a boat dressed like a sexy sailor last night, making a 30 minute flight back to LA sort of impossible to make her court date unless she was able to perfect Star Trek type transporter travel.

Further, the judge in Lindsay's case believes that they have good reason to believe that Lohan might be drinking in violation of her probation terms. Well, yeah.

But, Judge Marsha Revel is willing to allow Lohan out on $100,000 bail under several conditions including drug testing, no alcohol, and wearing a SCRAM bracelet. Lohan will be detained by U.S. Customs authorities and arrested once she actually gets on a plane and lands on U.S. soil.
Ain't it grand fun watching a trainwreck!